Study in Belgium

Are you looking to experience student life in the center of Europe or are you looking for a multicultural and multilingual study environment when studying abroad? If the answer is yes, then why not study in Belgium? The Kingdom of Belgium or België, Belgique or Belgien is a small Western European country located in the heart of Europe.

Bordered by Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, if you study in Belgium you will get the chance to explore most of Europe’s capital cities. Known for its medieval and fairytale landscapes along with the stunning renaissance architecture, Belgium is a must-see travel destination. It is considered one of the safest and peaceful countries globally, with an advanced economy and quality of life. Plus, the country offers a plethora of affordable study programs at any academic level.

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In addition, you can find university colleges and art colleges which offer long and short-term programs or vocational professional training. Education in Belgium is administered by each region separately and each region determines their own rules regarding admissions, tuition fees and language of instruction.